A round table that utilises augmented reality to provide a ‘magical’ interactive layer. The user can take control by positioning their arms as the controller. Native 360° gestures steer the interface, and gets the content populating the table. Four HD top-projectors are mapped in such a way, to create one seamless visual experience. Et voila: magic. See all credits.

Executing a concept by Beyond.io & Trendwolves. An interactive content presenter designed for the young and tech savvy audience of Hellospace Brussels.

Quadruple ful HD top projection

Leap motion was used to grab the user’s movement, built on top of a Cinder C++ Framework to keep everything going fast!

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Your hands are in control

    We optimised code & animations so that the program could run indefinitely in the HelloBank building. Passersby needed to be able to always use the interface. When the table isn’t in use, we trigger a “screensaver” protocol to keep it intriguing for new people. Also known as ‘radar emulator mode’.

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    Continuous runtime of 3 months!

    “This High Tech Table Is Straight Out of ‘Minority Report'” — VICE magazine did a nice feature on the whole project, with everybody involved. Read it on The Creators.



    Strategy & Ideation

    General concept design & realization

    Interactive concept design & realization

    Coding & animations

    Project video