Pukkelpop 3D Scans

Art on festivals? ArtTube & Pukkelpop made it their mission to launch #PKP18ART. A new initiative to bring two worlds together and promote the museums. And we were lucky to be part of that!

Inspired by the beauty of animal prints we created a second skin around 3D scanned portraits. All were created real-time so they could grow and animate nicely.

Watch full video

late-night container projection 24 x 8 meter!

Festival people were challenged to take interesting poses. Watch the full video to see how this works.

Finally participants could cycle through different unique combinations on a touchscreen and get a instant print.

Big thanks for the people of ARTtube for their trust and our wonderful team of scanners: Daniel, Laura, Edith and the students of Sint Lucas art school!

Pukkelpop container projection

Concept, creative coding


Concept, video

Creative coding

Shader setup

Projection & other HW


Artube / Pukkelpop