What started as a little program to generate GIFS from Wacom drawings evolved into a kick-ass live performance tool. The Royal Acadamey Of Fine Arts Antwerp who started the project for a performance at deSingel like it so much that they turned it into a research project! Since then it has been changing touring at events & schools. See all credits.

Kicking off the first real ‘test’ at Articulate festival hosted by deSingel. Dancers improvising on live music in the mix with the art school students. Gluing it all together with software!

    Did you say mapping, yep we can map it on a building, your t-shirt, eeuhmm people,…
    For Klarafestival we added some colors to match a crazy John Cage clavecimbel concert.

      Watch full video

      Klarafestival footage by Robin Cuczwalski

      Janna Beck introducing the software at a workshop in Porto!

      Famous LGBT party SPEK using the software (found the only SFW picture)

      To be continued…

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