M HKA wall

We were asked by the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp to create a digital wall in their newly renovated wing. The entire ground floor has been repurposed to expose the vast collection of artworks curated by the Museum. Our touch-wall pulls in data from the Ensembles.org archive, more then 10 years of carefully collected information about all the owned artworks. Applying a recognisable interactive element, we invite the museum visitor, young and old, to play and discover. See all credits.

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Strategically located near the entrance as a first experience

“The wall pulls in current website information, more than 7.000 artworks and 2.000 artists. All rendering instantly on touch.”

Showcasing the best in contemporary art the museum has to offer

“An algorithm matches the size and shape of each square with the more than 7,000 works in its database. This computing happens in realtime, so matching art pieces can also be displayed in realtime.”

“There is virtually no limit to the amount of people that can draw simultaneously, making it a very playful and group interaction. Schools please note; an additional 10 minutes should be calculated in your visits.”

    “To go above the brief, we proposed to record all movement entered onto the wall. This gave us the possibility to create a ‘screensaver mode’, for when the wall isn’t being used. We recreate previous interactions based on actual data. And because there will never be two moments with the same size and combination of squares, no two recordings will ever be the same. Each replay will always be unique.”

    “Each artwork comes with detail artwork information in the 3 native languages that are custom in Belgium.”

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    “Be sure to vist the M HKA when in Antwerp!”


    Development, Concept, Coordination


    Development, Concept

    UI Design


    Data feed / API

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