Eristoff shootout

Don’t drink and drive. But we can still shoot? Just kidding of course, this virtual mapping game takes the audience into a fast-paced 3D shooter. We implemented wireless tablets as the controller, allowing up to 6 players at once. Gotta catch ‘m all. See all credits.

Projection mapping isn’t new these days (this project was created late 2012),but this one is different.

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All gameplay is realtime; this includes the shadows

    The evening provisioned four hours of game time. This meant having a lot of users play the game, understand the interface quickly and just have fun!

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      Everything happened at a fixed timeslot at night, in the rain

      This isn’t your average game setup, so I’ll explain some of the technical concepts here.


      Eristoff, Famous

      Concept / Design / PM


      Technical setup


      Game development


      3D programming

      3D models / animation