Citroën Projector
Discover the new Citroen C3 at Champs-Élysées - Paris

Production / hardware
Holocube (rapid-media)
Concept and development
Lab101 (rapid-media)
iPad design
Project Video
Vissual Assault
For the launch of the new Citroën Picasso we came up with the idea of projecting a photo on a 3D shape a technique know as anamorphism.
The shaped consists of triangles and parallelograms which are floating in the HC 40 (holocube's 40" model)
In order to see the complete photo the visitor has to rotate the structure to the correct viewing angle.

When there was no user activity we gently switched between the photo shape and a real-time screensaver.
The screensaver was based on the new look and feel of this seasons store design.

Softwared was build using Cinder. A custom iOS ES2 render was used on the iPad.
Most of the iOS rendering is available at Github
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